NoriuDirbti Recruitment Agency – is a personnel selection, recruitment, consulting and labor force leasing company, providing services in Lithuania and other countries.Our specialists are working in this field since 2004 and are ready to help you.

Over the years, we recruited several thousands of employees. We seek to recruit even more people by expanding our activities.

Our company helps to employ people from Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria; we are also ready to help citizens of other countries.

Knowledge and experience gained in the labor market allow us to compete and become leaders in this field.

Our services and goals – to help people to find the right job in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Greece, Ireland, Spain, France and other countries.

  • Give the necessary information about the existing laws, living standards and conditions in a particular country.
  • Help to execute documentsproperly, required for work and residence in this particular country or to recommend a company engaged inthis.
  • Organize meeting at your arrival, accommodation and transport
  • Prepare a proper CV (curriculum vitae / profile) in preferred foreign language.
  • Consult on various issues about the trip, documents, accommodation, employment, etc.
  • Help to get a tax refund.

Our partnership

The majority of our partners are well-known international companies, with which we have maintain a good relationship by providing high quality services. These are logistics, manufacturing, industry, transport, construction, nursing companies, hotels, hospitals, caterers, private family companies, etc.